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Re: cygwin-1.5.14 crashes with memory fault?

No, I usually only have the /usr/sbin/cron executable run in my profile
(it's been commented out for a few days).  I wait until my first window
is up before starting other tools.

If you can suggest how to debug Cygwin-1.5.14 when I can't bring up a
window, since I immediately get a memory exception, I'd be glad to try.
It's true that the only change in my Cygwin system just before installing
1.5.14 was the standard setup install of the new tetex utils.

I'm running XP Pro SP2, Norten Systemworks 2005, and Spy Sweeper -- all
for some months now, except of course for their updates.  My problems
with 1.5.14 started immediately when I installed it, on two machines
with the same system software, but completely different tools.  Yes,
I understand this is scant information, but this is because I do not
see how to get more.

It sounds like I'll just have to wait until some other people have similar
problems, and then perhaps there will be more clues as to what problems
there are with specific systems such as mine.  I assume a lot of people
already have installed 1.5.14 are see no problems.  I understand that
no one developing even part of a large system has time to spend on what
could be just one person's unique problem.

On Apr  3 11:08, Lester Ingber wrote:
> Well, OK here is cygcheck.txt attached, of course using Cygwin-1.5.13,
> since neither machine can bring up a Cygwin window under Cygwin-1.5.14.

Well, I was thinking of a bit more debugging instead of just writing
"it doesn't work" and the cygcheck output.  Are you running some tetex
tool in your profile?


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