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Re: file times still not quite right with 1.5.14 on Windows 98

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 3 15:54, Josef Drexler wrote:

Eric Blake wrote:

The bug is not that ctime was touched, but that mtime was not
touched.  Normally, Windows updates mtime automatically if you edit a
file, only the ctime needed special treatment from cygwin.  I have no
idea why Win98 is not touching the mtime on appending or truncation.

Oh, I have no problem with ctime changing, but mtime not changing is
definitely a bug in cygwin. It must somehow intentionally copy the old
mtime when a file is modified. If I repeat the sequence I posted using

It's not exactly Cygwin, it's the incredible braindead Windows 95/98/Me
and I'm more and more wondering why anybody is still using it voluntarily.

In my case the reason is that the programs I have don't and can't be made to run on NT/2K/XP.

No offence meant, I'm just venting.

Cygwin is touching ctime right before closing the file, when a write or
one of chmod/chown/acl has been called successfully.

Win98 is apparently "confused" by the fact that ctime is changed to a value
bigger than the modification time and then simply refuses to change the
modification time on file close.  I first thought this might be a FAT
problem, but NT changes the modification time just fine.  I can't stop
shaking my head about 9x.

So, is that fixable or do I need to compile a cygwin1.dll with the ctime change removed?

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