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sshd not properly working

Hi everyone!
I am an Italian student; my name is giuseppe

during this day I tried several attempts to get the sshd service work on a win
machine (WM in the following) but without any succes and now I would like to ask
you for some help.

I have win XP SP2 on my WM and I installed the latest version of cygwin.
later I tryed to get the ssh daemon working following instructions from:

as a result I get the client ssh work properly but if i try from a linux machine
(LM in the following) i get
$ ssh -l username  name_WM
ssh: connect to host name_WM port 22: Connection timed out

nevertheless from WM i can ssh to and back from LM;
this is puzzling for me; once I ssh on LM from the cygwin shell I digit
the same command
$ ssh -l username name_WM
and the connection starts!! way??

I downloaded and run tcpview.exe and here is what it see when i ssh on LM:

alg.exe:1812  TCP  LISTENING 
lsass.exe:716  UDP  *:*  
lsass.exe:716  UDP  *:*  
Pop3trap.exe:1020 TCP  LISTENING 
spoolsv.exe:1444 UDP  *:*  
ssh.exe:2432  TCP  WM_ip:1120 LM_ip:22 ESTABLISHED  >>>>>>
ssh.exe:2432  UDP  *:*     >>>>>>
sshd.exe:424  TCP  LISTENING 
sshd.exe:424  UDP  *:*     
svchost.exe:1064 UDP  *:*  
svchost.exe:1064 UDP  WM_ip:123 *:*  
svchost.exe:1104 UDP  *:*  
svchost.exe:1104 UDP  *:*  
svchost.exe:1168 UDP  *:*  
svchost.exe:1168 UDP  WM_ip:1900 *:*  
svchost.exe:976 TCP  LISTENING 
System:4  UDP  *:*  
System:4  TCP  WM_ip:139  LISTENING 
System:4  UDP  WM_ip:137 *:*  
System:4  UDP  WM_ip:138 *:*  

when I disconnect the lines with >>>>>>>>>> disappear

that's all; I hope you can understand what's going on.

thanks a lot anyway


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