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Re: Change to /etc/profile (Attn: base-files maintainer)

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Webb Roberts wrote:

> I would suggest a small change to /etc/profile.
> /etc/profile is being run by bash, which has pretty substantial filename
> expansion.  For example,
> 	echo [a-z]ib
> Will respond 'lib' if there is a lib directory.  In /etc/profile, there is a
> tr command:
> 	/usr/bin/tr [:upper:] [:lower:]
> which is hitting a couple of directories in my $HOME, namely 'r' and 'w'.  So
> the tr is getting weird arguments (tr r w r) and complaining. This could be
> fixed by changing that part to
> 	/usr/bin/tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
> Please let me know if there's a bug tracking system, or similar, to which
> you'd rather me submit this bug report.

No, this is exactly the right place to submit this.  I knew there was
something that was making me uneasy about the above code, but couldn't
think of the reason.  Nice catch -- thanks for reporting it.

John, I think it's a very good idea -- can you merge this in?
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