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Re: ipc, sockets and windows sp2

On Apr  1 10:11, Vincent Dedun wrote:
> There seems to be odd problems with windows sp2 (and some sp1 with 
> undetermined updates).

Never heard of Windows sp2.  NT4 SP2?  2000 SP2?  XP SP2?

> I work on windows version of drqueue, which is an opensource distributed 
> rendering management software (for use with maya rendering for exemple), 
> designed for unix, so it uses IPC ans sockets.
> The port works well for the most of it, except for the server itself 
> (the master program).
> The unix version has no problem on all this, it works on linux, bsds, irix..
> Please take a look in the main loop (main function), of this short file :
> basicly, the program do this :
> -init config
> -load saved database of jobs
> -set signals handlers
> -get shared memory (IPC shared memory and semaphores)
> -fork a consitency checking task (it is not involved in the problem, i 
> tested)
> -bind a port (it's server!)
> -then go the usual main loop which forks childs process to accept 
> connections.
> on windows sp2 (and some sp1 with updates), the master keep yelling a 
> strange error  :
> *** MapViewOfFileEx (0xF10000), Win32 error 487.  Terminating.
> error 487 means 
> "Attempt to access invalid address."

Ok, three things here.

First, please follow the reporting guidelines on

Second, did you try a developers snapshot from

Third, if that's not already mentioned on the problems web page, please
try to create a short, brief, concise, simple, as minimal as possible,
self-contained testcase which allows to reproduce the problem.


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