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zsh startup oddity

We found, on a release of Cygwin that's now probably almost a year old,

    If the /home directory had been created by Cygwin mkdir, and
    If the /etc/passwd shell specified shell to run was zsh,
    Then /etc/passwd would not run $HOME/.zprofile

(I.e. after starting a login zsh, you'd have to explicitly source
~/.zlogin or whatever).

But /etc/passwd would source $HOME/.zprofile if /home had been created
by Windows Explorer.

We used getfacl to examine the ACLs of directories created by mkdir and
directories created by Explorer in detail.

We used both setfacl and Explorer's GUI ACL thing to adjust the ACL
until they appeared identical (both to getfacl and to the Explorer GUI
ACL viewing thing), but with no joy: there still seemed to be a
difference between Cygwin-created directories and Explorer-created ones.

It went into our "to further explore one day" basket.

Perhaps the problem has gone away now.  I just thought I'd mention it
in case this was interesting information for anyone.

Brian Dessent's comment about setting the ACL for c:/cygwin reminded me
of it.


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