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Re: Path confusion

On 23 Mar, Brian Dessent wrote:
>  Luke Kendall wrote:
> > Here's something that stunned me: I see different contents of a
> > directory I want to be "empty-ish" (c:/cygwin/home), depending on how I
> > refer to it.  I think it's because sometimes, "c:/cygwin" == "/".
> > 
> > $ cygpath -m /
> > C:/cygwin
> > 
> > $ ls c:/cygwin/home
> > 
> > $ cd c:/cygwin/home
>  I think it's because when you 'cd' the path is normalized.  After "cd
>  c:/cygwin/home" the current working directory is now /home.  If you do
>  "ls /home" you should see the contents of the mount, if you do "ls
>  c:/cygwin/home" you'll see the contents of that directory itself.  In
>  other words mounting something on "/home" only affects paths that start
>  with "/home".  If you want "c:/cygwin/home" to actually be "d:/home"
>  then make it a symlink.
>  Brian

The problem is then that there are two /home directories: the real
/home that's mounted on, say d:/home, and the fake /home, formed by
re-writing "c:/cygwin" as "/", and tacking on the home subdirectory.

I think the solution is that I simply have to remove or rename


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