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Re: Problem uninstalling/deleting cygwin

> I see from later email that you are having problems removing some files
> (specifically symlinks).  I'd check who actually owns those files, using
> the Windows Explorer, (right-click on file) Properties->Security tab.
> See who owns it.  You might need to take ownership of the file, or login
> as the real owner if it was someone else (Administrator?).

I should have tried your advice earlier.
It took me really long to figure this out, because I actually installed
both versions under my domain login, so that all should have belonged to
the same user. This was not the case; those symbolic links were owned by
my computer login - in contrast to everything else, that could cleanly
be deleted. 

However, installation over the current version of cygwin happened just
by accident. The reason for the downgrade as such is the "ssh hangs"
problem (aka "Windows XP piping issue"), that doesn't occur in 1.5.10-3.

After having wiped out the installed version properly I have now been
able to install the last 1.5.10-3 version without problems. 


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