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"Hyperthreading" problems

Re: $TEMP directory appears absent


Re: .bash_profile and spaces

Re: /bin/make package and "vi" command

1.38: Bug set -o posix and "cd ."

1.5.12-1: ld (make) Error while compiling

1.5.12-1: "more" utility not available

1.5.12-1: 64 bit file sizes unsupported in gcc

1.5.12-1: deadlock in gmtime/localtime

Re: 1.5.12-1: ld (make) Error while compiling

1.5.12: mt sees incorrect maximum block size

1.5.12: problems without registry keys

1.5.12: ssh hangs with Windows XP SP2

1.5.12: TERM environment reset to "cygwin" after fork()

1.5.7: problem using rexec and Windows batch files

2.4.2:lilypond packages hang and incomplete

20041225 and 20041227 snapshots not creating files with correct permissions

2:problem with installation of cygwin

[? Found problem of floppy drive acces]

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: coreutils-5.2.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated cygwin package: gnupg-1.2.6-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated Cygwin Package: python-2.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: apr(-util) 0.9.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: binutils-20041228-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: binutils-20041229-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-5.2.1-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-5.2.1-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron-3.0.1-14

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cron-3.0.1-15

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: diffstat 1.37-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: diffstat-1.35-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: docbook-xsl-1.67.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: file-4.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: findutils-20041227-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: findutils-4.2.10-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: findutils-4.2.10-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ghostscript-8.15-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: glib2-2.4.6-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lilypond-2.4.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: man-1.5o1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-4.6.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openssl-0.9.7e-1, openssl-devel-0.9.7e-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: subversion-1.1.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: texinfo-4.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tidy-041206-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: which-1.6-1

Re: [Bug Cygwin Applications/575] Unknown HZ value! message from procps commands

[Fwd: [ sem_* functions in cygwin]]

[Fwd: [ Re: src/timezone/pgtz __imp__my_exec_path]]

[Fwd: [ ssh-host-config CYGWIN quoting]]

[Fwd: [ contrib/ssh-copy-id patch (get rid of]]

RE: [Fwd: [ Re: src/timezone/pgtz __imp__my_exec_path]]

[Fwd: [ Re: cron won't execute tasks]]

Re: [Fwd: [sem_* functions in cygwin]]

[Fwd: Re: My details]

Re: [Fwd: unison and cygwin on windows xp SP2]

Re: [mlist] available for test: findutils-20041219-1

Re: [mlist] More floppy drive accesses information

[Patch] crontab

FW: Re: [UPDATE] cron won't execute tasks

Aborting cat or tail -f on output file kills process writing to the file

Address invalid

Another autotools wrapper problem and fix

Anyone got latex2html to work on cygwin?? Fatal (use l2hconf):

Re: Apache-Cygwin problem

attaching debugger to process

Autotools wrapper problem and fix

available for test: findutils-20041219-1

AW: cygwin 1.5.12-1, g++ 3.3.3 and DB2 UDB DLLs

Bad interaction -- alternate console buffer and console history

Bad mirros

Bad physical memory value detected

Binary operator expected???

Bug in current CVS

Fw: Bug set -o posix and "cd ."

Bug: link.exe

Bug: Missing va_end() in cygwin_internal()

Re: Bug: Missing va_end() in cygwin_internal() (OT)

bug? cp and coreutils-5.2.1-2

building bandobject sample with g++ in cygwin...

Building LLVM and the GCC front-end under Cygwin

Re: building perl modules in cygwin


c++ code executes very slowly - sjlj EH to blame?

can a postinstall script be other than shell?

Can not install Cygwin

Can You Help Me

Re: Can't configure setup.exe from CVS (and a plea for setup.exe alternative)

Can't configure setup.exe from CVS [was RE: setup.exe 2.427 problem with installation from rsync mirrors]

Can't use DBI and mod_perl together in Cygwin.

cdecl for cygwin

CGI/Apache error (User defined signal 2)

Re: check for resolv.h

chmod on named pipes

Re: Chrooted OpenSSH for Windows (rssh sftp cygwin)

Command boxes popping up

commands not found

Compile within cygwin with -mnocygwin

Compiling a DLL

configuring X, backspace, ....

coreutils link

cp and "are the same file"

cron-config: Please test postinstall version 1.8

Re: curses.h / termcap.h: conflicting types of tparm

curses.h / termcap.h: conflicting types of tparm (was: Re: Error Compiling Mysql 4.1.7)

cygnome 1.4 question about initial installation

Cygserver 100% CPU

CygUtils site moved (again)

cygwin 1.5.12-1, g++ 3.3.3 and DB2 UDB DLLs

cygwin 1.5.12-1: collect2: ld Error while compiling

cygwin 5.1 and XP?

Cygwin and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

cygwin bugzilla procps bug#575

Cygwin build of perl5.8.5 (cygwin-thread-multi-64int )

Cygwin build of perl5.8.5 (cygwin-thread-multi-64int)

Re: cygwin Digest 15 Dec 2004 23:28:30 -0000 Issue 3998

Cygwin Distribution DVD's ready

Cygwin FIFO does not see EOF (NT4sp6, DLL 1.5.11)

Cygwin Job - Installing Courier/Exim/MySQL under Cygwin

cygwin mounted root /

Cygwin package management

cygwin package server inside firewall, setup can't get list of download sites

cygwin python thread support

cygwin reboots my PC randomly

cygwin setup crashes during X11 bitmap unpacking

Cygwin setup on dialup (newbie)

Cygwin setup via RDP fails

cygwin, tar, dlt

cygwin-gcc-fopen bug?

Re: cygwin-gcc-fopen bug? (Purify)

Re: cygwin-gcc-fopen bug? (Purify, valgrind)

dead links

Dear Sir,

defaultprograms / setup.exe

documentation update

Does wxWidgets 2.5.3 compile with Cygwin for anyone?

du reports half of correct file sizes

Environment variables & system privilages

Error Compiling Mysql 4.1.7

Error when compiling [SorryFor last post, mistakepaste]

Error when installing

Error with managed mount point.

Executables removed by setup.exe?

Failing to mount from nfs-server

FAQ and User's Guide update

RE: FDISK support

find command hangs for 20 sec before starting with cygwin1.dll is 1.5.12

find crashes in /proc/registry

find prints wrong file size for files >2GB

Finding package-descriptions.

FindNextFileA (fhandler_disk_file::readdir) Bizareness under NTFS


findutils: "find /foo -printf '%P\n'" incorrect

Firing up latest zsh with latest cygwin

Re: Firing up latest zsh with latest cygwin OOPS!

floppy drive accesses

FOLLOWUP: 1.5.12: problems without registry keys

g++3.3.3 compilation problem under Cygwin

g95 executables on Windows require cygwin1.dll on PATH

gcc bounds checking, valgrind, purify

gcc installation problem and solution

Re: gcc-3.3.3 :fpclassify

Re: gcc-g77 4.4.1-1 stack memory error

Ghostscript-8.15 has the man pages in the wrong directory...

gnome-vfs problems with XP SP2

Hello , after used ./configure --without-server then i continue with make command but i got error when using make.see this screenshot : compiling using: Wixp Xp Pro SP2 The latest Cygwin Component GCC & G++ 3.3.3-3 'Make' error When Compiling

Re: HELP: Cygwin ruined my WinXP files/HDD

HELP: Cygwin ruined my WinXP files/HDD"!!!!

How can I specify home directory.

RE: How change libtool rule of naming dlls from "cygFOO-version.dll" to "FOO.dll"?

How change libtool rule of naming dlls from "cygFOO-version.dll" to "FOO.dll"?

how do I uninstall a cygwin snapshot?

How to browse opengl develop document in cygwin?

How to get 1.5.9 package?

How to make `mv the hard way' fail

How to read develop and help document?

How to redirect "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" to err.txt?

How to use cygwin instead of MKS tool kit

Re: httpd-2.0.52 (Apache2) testers wanted / maintainer searched

Incorrectly prepared lpCmdLine parameter of WinMain()

Installation Freezing 90%

Re: Interest in "native" Tcl/Tk/Expect/Itcl/... packages?

ioctls.h not found

ipc-daemon2.exe fails

iSeries: Lab400 Access Privileges

Issue in using xinetd service on windows (bounds checking)

Latest coreutils reveals packaging problems with texinfo/libiconv

latest Cygwin1.dll

ld command not found when configuring w3m

libtool creating DLLs called ".exe"

lilypond-2.4.2-1 seems to be missing the info files

Limitation in SCP?

lower falf of text missing in x-apps

ls -F // doesn't work

ls taking too long

Managed mount point question(s)?

Re: mapping root directory to SystemDrive / CurrentDrive (documentation change needed)

more Cygwin

More floppy drive accesses information

More: tab-completion error : snapshot 20041223

MSVC-dll under cygwin

Re: MSVC-dll under Cygwin

Re: MSVC-dll under cygwin

RE: Re: My details

Re: Need help compiling gaim-1.1.0 (Was: gaim-1.0.2)

New setup.exe - unhandled exception more problem packages

New setup.exe release candidate - please test

Re: New setup.exe release candidate - unhandled exception

New setup.exe snapshot - please test

new snapshot fixes a few problems - please try

Newbie seeeking more information. Latest Cygwin under win2k3 Server

newlib 1.12.0 compiled under different cygwin versions

Re: nfs-server 2.2.47-2

nl_types not present

no such file or directory

Non-US keyboard (PT) bash problem

Re: Norton 2005 blocks? Worm trojan horses in wget and rsync

Norton 2005 blocks? Worm trojan horses in wget and rsync?

OpenSSH remapped my /usr/bin

P.S.: cygwin-gcc-fopen bug?

Re: Patch to /etc/profile to deal with $HOME with a space

Re: Patch to allow trailing dots on managed mounts

patchutils 0.2.30-1

Re: PATH and SystemRoot oddity

perl 5.8.6

PERL and XML::Parser

Piping output from sqlplus

Please help: fixup_after_exec problem

Porting issues: file owned by root, user nobody

Postgresql error "pg_ctl stop" is invoked after a "postmaster -i &" invocation

PostgreSQL: Bad system call


Problem installing cygwin

Problem running windows application, using ssh command on remote unix session

Re: Problem running windows application, using ssh command on remote unix session

Problem with cygwin & xerces-2.6

problem with installation of cygwin

Problem with ssh and X

Problems starting rxvt

problems using gcc -MM on source with Windows-style #include paths

problems with cron

ProFTPD 1.2.10 login trouble

Python, USB and cygwin

q: cygwin svn+ssh svnserve

Regarding mail from Jean-Sebastien Trott from Fri 15 Oct "Interest in "native" Tcl/Tk/Expect/Itcl/... packages?" sent to cygwin-apps

Resultats de vos commandes

rpm 4.1-1 problem

run.exe fails to run my application

running .bat files from bash

running a DOS batch file from a shell script - script doesn't wait for batch file to complete before continuing

rxvt shift f1 and f2 same as f11 f12

sed: altered results in bash and cmd

Segmentation faults with g++ 4.0

Setting $HOME for Windows

Re: Setup Documentation

setup problem persistent?

setup.exe 2.427 problem with installation from rsync mirrors

Re: setup.exe 2.427 problem with installation from rsync mirrors & setup alternatives

Setup: 'Download From Internet' creates 'c:/cygwin/etc/setup'

short fread(), but no ferror/feof

Socket Programming - accept() blocking

Sorry about the rants

Spam alert

ssh cvs win98

SSH doesn't work after KDE3.1.4 installed and rebaseall done

Ssh ignores $HOME


sshd in Windows 2003 server

sshd on w2k3 and interact with desktop

sshd service wont accept password

Re: ssl on ssmtp

Strange behaviour in the which command.

Strange errors from grep pipeline

strange problems with cvs

strange warnings from man (Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: man-1.5o1-1)

Suggestion to avoid cywin and X/xorg related installation problems like setup eating up all memory at ~93% progress and crashing with runtime errors like the "application requested to be terminated in an unusual way"


Suppressing linking errors with GCC/G++/ld under Cygwin

SwitchToFiber call problem with cygwin_NT-5.2 ? test case below

sybase isql

symbolic links on Samba-mounted drive

tab-completion error : snapshot 20041223

Re: Tcl doesn't build out of src repository on cygwin

tcl/tk X version

tcsh inheriting path from windows

Tetex-2.0.2-13: texdoc bug/suggestion

Three questions

truncate() improperly returns EBADF

tty_list::terminate() tty_master NULL pointer deference

unison and cygwin on windows xp SP2

Updating cygwin - problems with mirror site

upset script no longer available in cvs

User name with spaces and Cygwin web site suggestion

using jvmstat from cygwin

Re: uw-imap & Cygwin secrets revealed, at least a bit!

Re: A vexing installation problem

Re: Visual Studio linking

w32api usr/include/sqlext.h bad macros

Weird interaction between Visual C++ and Cygwin

What depends on less and what man depends on.

What does a Script do to Windows text files?

where are the dirname and basename functions?

Where did the output go and question regarding return values of getopt_long()

where is _G_config.h?

why is -L/usr/local/lib necessary?

Win32 Error 1062: The Service has not been started

Win32::GUI cygwin patch

Re: Wrapping long lines (Was Re: FAQ update suggestion for "I'm having basic problems with find. Why?")

X11-only expectk

Xfce4.1.99 build problems.

XView for Cygwin

YA in a series: snapshot what a happy sound

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