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CygUtils site moved (again)

Tales of a Wandering Website...

CygUtils has been moved to thanks to the generosity of Peter Castro. I've also moved cygutils-package and auto-wrapper "homepages" to Peter's server, and set up redirects at the old locations.

CygUtils was originally established at where it hosted a large set of non-core GNU utilities for Cygwin B20.1, inspired by Andy Piper's earlier collection for Cygwin B19. During this period, CygUtils also hosted one of the ealiest ports of perl to the cygwin platform.

Mysteriously, went flatline with no warning during the holidays in 2000/2001. So, the site was resurrected at
as detailed in this announcement.

This was hosted on a machine I actually controlled for the neuro department at GT, so life was good. For a while.

During this period, the new "setup.exe"-based installation began to form, and many of the packages previously hosted on CygUtils actually became official packages in the cygwin distribution, and were thus "hosted" by the cygwin mirror system and removed from CygUtils. As this happened, CygUtils -- once a cygwin "household name" (cited in the AutoBook among others) -- gradually faded in importance. Today, it serves mainly as a historical repository, a place for me to test new versions of my official packages, and host to a few tools that are not worth the effort to turn into official packages.

Plus the ADOPT-ME area ( ) where I've created some "official"-like packages that I'd LOVE for someone else adopt, and assume maintainership of and push into the official kerboros, GNU plotutils, pstoepsi, netpbm, ...)

Anyway, returning to our wandering website, about two years later an administrative decision was made to eliminate the neuro server, and migrate its data to one of the "official" department webservers. Unfortunately, I didn't control the official servers, and suddenly was subject to various policies and bureaucratese that previously didn't apply.

Things like "all mp3 files are obviously pirated (even if you recorded them yourself at your band's practice with a microphone) and must be removed." and Bill-Gatesian dicta like "nobody will ever need more than 10MB of web space".

Things went from bad to worse, until finally I was absolutely unable to keep the CygUtils site running under those restrictions -- and Peter made the generous offer to host the site at its new home.

Thanks, Peter!


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