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Suppressing linking errors with GCC/G++/ld under Cygwin


(Sorry if this is OT, I'm trying to find out the Cygwin equivalent of
a GCC flag from other platforms.)

I'm trying to compile a library for Qu-Prolog that will be linked at
run-time with program internals. As it will be linked at run time, I
would like to suppress all "undefined reference" errors somewhat
similarly to using "-undefined suppress" under Mac OS X.

I'm using Cygwin, and here is the error message and the g++ line that I
am using.

rob@ches-laptop /cygdrive/c/rand2

$ g++ -shared -Wl,-soname,sym001476 $RAND2_LIB/rand.o  -lc -o sym001476

./rand.o(.text+0x24f): In function `iunif_interface':
   /    cygdrive/c/rand2/ undefined reference to
`Thread::unify(Object*, Object*, bool)'
./rand.o(.text+0x2ce): In function `iunif_interface':
   /    cygdrive/c/qp-cygwin-withicm/src/heap_qp.h:278: undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Is there any way to suppress these errors and let it compile under
Cygwin the same way as using "g++ -flat_namespace -undefined suppress
-bundle" would under Mac OS X?



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