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more Cygwin


I enjoyed reading your article "Comparing Cygwin and MKS Toolkit" at
and have a couple comments. 

First, 'more' actually is available for Cygwin (I did a quick port a long
time ago), it's just not installed by default. Look for it "Text" category
in the Cygwin setup.exe package chooser. As for the default shell,
I agree that changing it to pdksh or zsh isn't as easy as it could be.

I'd also like to mention that while Cygwin is free (as in both no price
and freedom), like other open source projects the developers are also
users who are building their own skills and having fun. So in that 
sense I like Neal Stephenson's analogy that open source is like car
enthusiasts. Sure, you can get a free car out of the deal, but the real
point is that enthusiasts like to build cars and find the thought of a
poorly built one ludicrous.

Anyway, thanks for your positive remarks about Cygwin,

Joshua Daniel Franklin

p.s. I haven't used it, but if you ever do another comparison you
might include UWIN, which I believe does use ksh by default:

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