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Re: fetching files with Cyrillic file names

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, nemanja wrote:

> I am trying to fetch text files from a remote XP machine using SSH/SFTP.
> The remote machine is running Cygwin 2.05b.0(1), shell is bash. File names
> contain combination of Russian and latin characters. Russian characters
> are replaced by '?' when I am listing them.

This happens because file names with non-latin characters are stored in
Unicode, and Cygwin is not Unicode-aware.

> It can not more/less/mv/cp/tar those files. The error I get is
> <File_name_with_?_instead_of_cyrillic_chars>: No such file or directory
> What I would like to do at the very minimum is to rename them to
> latin-only names, and transfer them over.

The way I do it locally is set the primary system language to Russian, and
the secondary to English.  That way, all the prompts are in English, but
the system encoding is set to Win1251, which allows one to see and
manipulate files with Cyrillic characters.

> I do not have sendmail at that machine, and even if I had I would not know
> how to attach the files as I can not see them. Therefore I am trying along
> the lines of rename+SFTP.
> I would appreciate any solution or hint you might have.

The above requires you to have both access to the console and
administrative privileges on the XP machine...  I also don't know if it
would work over ssh for you (although it does seem to for me), and you'd
still need a local terminal font with Win1251 encoding.  If you are able
to set up Cygwin on the XP machine so that you can access files with
Cyrillic characters locally, you can then try it over ssh.
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