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Re: More pipe problems (was Re: [Fwd: 1.5.11-1: sftp performance problem])

Hi All...

From: Reini Urban
Subject: Re: More pipe problems (was Re: [Fwd: 1.5.11-1: sftp performance problem])
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 08:41:56 +0100

Karl M schrieb:
Back on Octber 4-6, Corinna, Chris and Bob Byrnes were discussing temporarily reverting some of the pipe changes until a better solution is found so that native unison and other native programs would work with pipes (with ssh for example) on XP SP2.

With the release of the 1.5.12 cygwin1.dll, downgrading is no longer an option...there are dependencies that prevent rolling the dll back.

Which dependencies prevent you from using 1.5.11? I see nothing of matter.

Rolling back to 1.5.11 is terms of dependencies, but 1.5.11, now the oldest avaliable via setup, has the hanging problem with native unison et. al. The latest working version with native unison was IIRC 1.5.10-3 and this version does have dependencies problems with current versions of other packages.

I am asking my question about resolution of the native unison hanging problem because there was discussion by Corinna and Chris on cygwin-patches about possibly working around the problem until fixed. This used to work for the last few years.

Is it intended for this to continue to work?

Before I ask for help to build a patched (unpatched?) cygwin1.dll, I was hoping to find out what I should expect. I would not take lightly, trying to maintain a special dll version. In the earlier discussions, it sounded like Corinna could reproduce the problem when asking if part of some recent pipe changes should be reverted until a long term fix was found. I don't mind temporarily making a special cygwin1.dll, but long term I wouldn't want to do that.



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