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Re: gnumeric in cygwin ports of Gnome1.4 and Gnome2.x

Bob Clark wrote:

Then I went back to the Sorceforge repository that had the Gnome 1.4
ported to cygwin and added all the libraries (and their dependencies)
needed by gnumeric "by hand" (i.e., w/o cygwin setup). I am most concerned
with gnumeric because I'm a high school teacher who has mid-quarter grades
due next week, and I've got all my grades on gnumeric spreadsheets!

Use setup.exe! There are postinstall scripts in /etc/postinstall which need to run after the extraction of the cyggnome stuff. If you start Gnome then with the shortcut from the desktop it should work as before, but the shortcuts at the desktop will not be created without running the setup scripts.

That feeling is reinforced by a message I came across yesterday in which
Gerrit Haase put out a call for helpers last June
( A stated
"Goal is to get all (or most) base libraries into the Cygwin net release
so you could try to build GUI applications that don't need a full blown
GNOME desktop." I can attest from my experience that this is very doable.
However, he didn't get a single reply to the message!

Hello;) You're the first who replied.

Is there anyone out there who's gotten some of these programs to work that
maybe hasn't publicised it yet?

I have applications here based on the gnome libraries included in the cygwin netrelease, ie. inkscape and sodipodi, these are working fine.
I have also the Gnome Desktop running, though there are some issues.

Basically all the base Gnome libraries are available, so building GIMP or Gnumeric should work even with Gnome support, however the Desktop is still missing in the distribution, I'm working on getting the desktop ready for release.

It sounds like the original porters no longer have any interest in the
Gnome1.4 port (,
and it looks like the Gnome2.x project isn't as far along as I need it to

Gnome 1.4 isn't any longer updated, the efforts are going all into including Gnome2 now, there are some ohter Gnome2 applications available, point setup.exe to

At this point, I'm at a loss as to what I can do. I see at that there is a
documented "snapshot" of what they used to build the Gnome1.4 port. Is
there anywhere I could go to download this version of cygwin all at once?

The cyggnome binary packages are still online, it should work to install the whole 1.4 desktop as before.

Any other ideas?

Install Linux.

If you've read this far, I sincerely apologize for the length of this
message. However, I don't know what information might be useful to some of
you experts.

You're welcome,

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