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Re: Executing ssh from perl

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, Stephen Studley wrote:

> At 3:39 PM -0500 11/18/04, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >  > unfortunately, no change in my results.
> > >  BTW: I have ssh configured for passwordless connection.
> >
> > You *did* properly escape the command string, right?  Otherwise,
> >
> > my $str = `ssh -n user@machine.domain ls`;
> >
> > will try to interpolate the contents of the array @machine into the
> > command...  You need to use
> >
> > my $str = `ssh -n user\@machine.domain ls`;
> >
> > BTW, the -n flag is still useful, since some commands don't properly run
> > otherwise.
> yep, everything is escaped as needed. I know that by looking at the debug
> output:
> debug1: Sending command: ls <path to file I care about>
> I've also printed the command to stdout and pasted it into a windows cmd shell
> and cygwin terminal with success.
> If I use system("<cmd>"); instead of `<cmd>`;, the command returns 0, (no
> hang).  Unfortunately system wont work for my needs, as it is critical I
> evaluate stdout:stderr.
> I do appreciate your help.
> Stephen

I suppose the next step is to try to reproduce this in a command-line perl
invocation, e.g., something like

perl -we 'my $str=`ssh -n user\@machine.domain ls`;print "[$str]\n"'

and see what messages that produces.  I assume it's working for you from a
Linux machine...  Also, I don't believe you've said anything about your
system configuration -- please review <>
and provide the requested information.
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