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RE: Can't create Bash here document. (FIXED)

you (YorkshireSkier BLOB wrote :

I wrote:
>> What does this display:
>> $ mount -m
>> I suspect that you need:
>> $ mount -fsb "$TEMP" "/tmp"
> Well I won't pretend to understand what's going on here. I forgot to
> mention in my original email that the directory '/tmp' exists and is
> writeable: 'touch /tmp/fred' works perfectly.

 Did you have a "/tmp" entry in the "mount -m" output?
I guess that you didn't; that might have been the cause to your problem.

> Moreover, if I use
> 'mount -m' the output is the same as on my machines where I have no
> problems.

 Any /tmp there?

> However, I tried your suggested mount command and "Bingo!" the problem
> is solved (or at least it appears to be!). So, I thank you for taking
> the trouble to reply and for your suggestion.

 To me this indicates that I was right above.

There is a subtle difference between a /tmp *directory* and a /tmp *mount
Because I'm lazy and just "know", I'll leave to others to explain.
(Resarch on the matter; begin with finding out what the mount table and
mount command does on Linux/BSD)

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE Microcomputer systems            --72-->

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