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Re: Problem with setup wrote:
On 11 Nov, Bobby McNulty wrote:
 Guys, theres a major problem with setup.
 According to the error I just got, setup is not
 closing any of its files after writing them.
 I finally got past xorg, and got up to update_info.
 I'll rerun setup to get a cygcheck.

I can confirm this. We took a snapshot of October 26th (setup-timestamp: 1098732614), and in that version of setup,

That number you quoted identifies the version of the setup.ini datafile, not the setup.exe program.

none of
the file handles for any of the temp files of the form (where c:\temp
is your temporary package directory) c:\temp\http%.....\package.tar.bz2
is ever released.  The system starts page faulting and the number of
handles just grows and grows, and eventually setup dies like this:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error
Runtime Error!
Program \\samba\install\win32\cygwin\setup.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an
unusual way.  Please contact the application's support team for
more information.

That's nasty. I wonder why we haven't seen more reports of this.

Is there any reason why your machine should be more susceptible to this? (Low memory, any kind of resource limits?)


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