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Re: drand48() (and erand48) returns only zeros

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, meadmaker1066-cyg wrote:

> drand48 and erand48 return only 0.0 no matter how many
> times I call them. The code works fine on the Linux
> computers at school, and the compiler does not report
> any errors or warnings.
> [anip]
> #include <stdlib.h>
> #include <cmath>
> #include <iostream>
If you're using C++, why use stdio functions?

> using namespace std;
> ...
> for(int i=0; i<10; i++){
>   printf("%f\n",drand48());

In any case, try


> }
> In CygWin it produces a chain of 10 values "0.00000"
> but in Linux it produces a chain of random numbers. If
> I define an array of unsigned short integers and pass
> it to erand48 I get the same behavior (I thought maybe
> drand might be just resetting its internal storage).

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