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Re: httpd-2.0.52 (Apache2) testers wanted / maintainer searched

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> There is still some work to do, i.e. figure out what to change in the
> /usr/sbin/apxs script to use it e.g. to build PHP or other modules.
> Anyway, finally I have a package ready and the webserver seems to run,
> CGI was also working, at least at my XP notebook where I tested it,
> though CGI doesn't work for me if the file_cache module is loaded.
> See also the httpd.README in usr/doc/Cygwin for some infos.

From the README:

Libraries from the apr and apr-util packages will be overwritten if you
extract this package from the root.  It may work with the apr and the
apr-util packages available via the netrelease, I have not tested this,

To avoid problems with already installed apr and apr-utils packages the tarball was repackaged: the binary package, webserver parts and apr & apr-util are separated as well as the devel stuff (libhttpd import library and all the headers) in httpd-devel:

Webserver (including docs):

Runtime (should not be needed if you have apr & apr-util already

Devel stuff (not needed to run the webserver):



Original sources are available at:

Have it running now at my home box:


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