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Re: ZoneAlarm hates email-2.3.0-2

Keith Starsmeare wrote:

I've been using the new email package to upload my
digital photos to my yahoo email account (what else
can you do with a 2GB limit?), but it's really slow.

Looking in the task manager I see that when I'm using
email (email -s "description" -b -a "filename.jpg"
myemail@ddress) the vsmon process takes my CPU usage
upto 100%. vsmon is the firewall process for

Strange. When I email the photo's using outlook
express it doesn't behave like that.

I've tweaked every setting I can think of in ZonaAlarm
to  try to improve the performance (like adding my
SMTP server as a trusted host and lowering my
security) but I've not managed to alter the behaviour
at all.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?

I tried several times to use ZA without much success, it always ended with uninstalling it. Finally I used Sygate's personal firewall which is free too and much more like I expect such a software to be.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to what ZoneAlarm's
problem is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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