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Re: Python & Win98 crash minimal example (AKA lilypond errors)

Hi all,

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> I finally found out what was causing the crashes in lilypond: if using
> gettext and the[n] opening a pipe, libintl accesses a wrong page
> somewhere. However, if one clicks away those errors, lilypond seems to
> work just fine...

This being annoying (you have to sit around waiting to click the next
time), I finally decided to do the sensible thing: I compiled gettext
(libintl-2.dll) myself. On Windows 98. In an emulator. Took about 24

When I now replace cygwin's cygintl-2.dll (v0.12.1-3) with the new one,
which was just compiled by my venerable '98, no more invalid page!

Now I need help, because I want to find out what's happening. First of
all, the invalid page is in a popup, even if I start python with gdb. So I
never see which code is responsible for it.

Can anybody give me the slightest hint how to cope with that?

Next step for me is compiling gettext on another windows (is there a way
to cross compile for cygwin?) and check if that still works.


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