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Re: Setup.exe hangs forever...

Gabriel schrieb:
Even more details:
I noticed that if I install Cygwin with the default packages everything works fine. But if I do an installation of Cygwin, from scratch (new system, new Windows XP SP2) and try to install _everything_ by clicking on "Default" and changing it to "Install" then setup.exe hangs forever.

Really forever or just an extraordinary amount of time?
Did you watch the process with taskman or better procexp? Is it busy or doing nothing?

This means that if I install Cygwin with the defaults _and then_ I install the complete package set then it works fine but if I try to install _everything_ from scratch it hangs.

Has anybody found this problem? Any suggestions?

I experience similar long waits when I unintentionally click (or cmdline select) on "Install from Local Directory" and the "Local Package Directory" has some amount of mirrored directories beneath. It recurses then into all these dirs and tries gather all setup.hint's and tar.bz2 it can find, which lasts about 10 minutes or so.

I'd like to fix that to accept <Esc> or the [Break] button.
Max: I will add this to the tracker soon.
Reini Urban

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