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Re: How to install a individual package

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 18:07:41 -0400
"Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID)" <> wrote:

> At Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:07 PM, Yin Ming wrote:
> > But, the version of vim package is too new, it's 6.3-1, but my cygwin
> > is only 1.9.10-1 ( the version of cygwin package ). Must I update the
> > whole. 
> > 
> > And, from my home, it's very slow to download packages via setup.exe,
> > is there a fast http/ftp url to download the whole package ?
> Versions refer to the individual packages, there is not overall version
> number for a "cygwin distribution".  See "What version of Cygwin is this,
> anyway?" in the FAQ
> Also see the recent email archives for discussion of creating a versioned
> release.
> The most recent version of the cygwin1.dll and associated utilities is
> 1.5.11-1.  (1.9.10-1 "the version of cygwin package" does not yet exist.)
> Your vim (6.3-1) is up to date.
I pressed the wrong key, it's only 1.3.10-1... sigh, have to download it

Thank you, men.

> > On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 08:58:15 +0800
> > Yin Ming <> wrote:
> > 

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