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Problems with 'emacs -nw'

I just installed Cygwin on my desktop.  Everything works OK, except
'emacs -nw'.

If I invoke Emacs in a Cygwin terminal as 'emacs -nw', the backspace
key behaves like C-h, i.e. the prefix for Emacs' help commands (C-h
still behaves like C-h).  More bizarrely, when I hit the combination
C-x C-c, Emacs reports (via describe-key) that it sees C-x C-g.

If I first ssh into a Linux host and run 'emacs -nw' there I get
similar problems, but the details vary depending on how I establish
the ssh connection.  If I connect by first starting an xterm with
something like

  xterm -e /usr/bin/bash -l &

and then running 'ssh -Y' from the resulting shell, then when I run
'emacs -nw' on the remote host, Emacs sees both backspace and C-h
as C-h.  If instead I start the ssh session with

  xterm -e ssh -Y

and run 'emacs -nw', then Emacs sees both backspace and C-h as "delete
to the left of the cursor".  In both of these remote-host scenarios,
C-x C-c quits Emacs as usual.

If I start Emacs as an X application, whether on the local workstation
or on a remote host, backspace, C-h, and C-x C-c work perfectly.  Also
backspace works fine in every other terminal-based application (e.g.
interactive bash, vi, etc.).

How can I fix the mess with Emacs?

I should point out that I log into remote hosts from many other
systems other than the Cygwin system described here, so I need a
solution that will not screw up the behavior of Emacs on remote
hosts when I access them from local hosts other than Cygwin.



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