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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: subversion-1.1.1-1

Roland Schwingel wrote:
Hello Max...

I recently encountered a cygwin specific problem with 1.1.x of subversion.

If your cygwin homeaccount resides on an UNC network share the cygwin
binary cannot find/create the .subversion folder there.

I know. I mentioned that (admittedly in more general terms) in my release announcement. See "caveat 2" quoted below.

I filed an issue on that yesterday in the subversion issue tracker
(#2108). I also added a simple patch for it there.

Yes, I'm on the subversion lists, including the issue-tracker notification one.

I'll try to get that reviewed if no one else takes it, but subversion's path-canonicalization is not something I've looked at before, so it might take a bit of research for me to get up to speed.


[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: subversion-1.1.1-1

Subversion, a version control system which aims to be a compelling
replacement for CVS, has been updated in the Cygwin net distribution to
version 1.1.1-1.

This is a new upstream feature release.

The release notes (*well worth reading*) are here:

A couple of minor caveats:

1) One of the new features is versioning of symlinks. One of the automated
tests of this feature is fails on Cygwin. I'll look into this in time.

2) Subversion 1.1 may fail to understand UNC (\\server\share) paths in some
cases where Subversion 1.0 would work. A fix is being discussed on the
Subversion lists at the moment. If this is a showstopper for you, you may
want to wait for a fix before upgrading from 1.0.x.

Max Bowsher.

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