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Re: Perl 5.8.5 and libwin32 0.191-1 incompatibility

I recently followed the advice at
and noting:

and apparently got libwin32-0.191 patched and handcrafted to build for perl 5.8.5 on cygwin, pass many tests, and install. It ran about 250 tests and then noted that I am not on a Windows network, and stopped running tests. That was "good enough for me" (TM). After install,

perl -w -MWin32::Shortcut -e1
perl -w -MWin32::GUI -e1

had no complaints.

1. Use "setup" (Download cygwin now!) to get the "source" and patches. It is under "Interpreters" as perl-libwin32 version 0.191-1.

2. Go to /usr/src/ and see libwin32-0.191.tar.gz and perl-libwin32-0.191-1.patch and .sh .


tar -xzf libwin32-0.191.tar.gz

and then apply the patch with

patch -p0 < perl-libwin32-0.191-1.patch (as I recall...)

4. Handcraft:

Regarding GUIDKIND_DEFAULT_SOURCE_DISP_IID , I downloaded the Windows Developer SDK and for my Windows 2000 box, and did a search for files
containing that term, and saw it in olectl.h in cygwin/usr/include/w32api defined as "1", and also in OCIdl.h (sp?) also defined as "1", so what the hell:

I defined it in OLE/OLE.xs
around line 30 in context as:

#define MY_VERSION "Win32::OLE(" XS_VERSION ")"
#define register /* be gone */

Regarding DateTime_SetSystemTime and relatives, I commented out two defines in win32perl.h around line 222:

/* #define DateTime_GetSystemtime DateTime_GetSystemTime */
/* #define DateTime_SetSystemtime DateTime_SetSystemTime */

I have also produced a patch file that will apply all the changes necessary to the original libwin32-0.191 , but it is almost 7 megs and gzips to about 2 megs. I can email it to interested parties, as well as

perl -V


cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out

Hope this helps, but your milage may vary.


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