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Re: cygutils cygstart eats program arguments

Have you tried using a -- to indicate end of arguments
to cygstart:

cygstart -- tail --version

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 20:50:05 +0200, Robert Schmidt wrote:


>I'd like to use cygstart to launch a couple of log windows to monitor 
>server activity, much like the Windows START command.  However, cygstart 
>eats *all* the arguments, not only the ones before the executable.  Is 
>there something I've missed?

>The usage suggests otherwise:
>Usage: cygstart [OPTION]... FILE [ARGUMENTS]

>Sample session:

>/cygdrive/l/bin $ cygstart tail -f /var/log/fetchmail.log
>Unable to start 'tail': There is no application associated with the 
>given file name extension.

>/cygdrive/l/bin $ cygstart tail
>[opens a new window waiting for stdin (as it should).]

>/cygdrive/l/bin $ cygstart tail --version
>[displays cygstart's version, not tail's]
>cygstart version 1.0, by Michael Schaap

>Let Windows start a program or open a file or URL.

>/cygdrive/l/bin $ cygstart "tail --version"
>Unable to start 'tail --version': The specified file was not found.


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