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Re: bash/sh program interpreter problems...

Reini Urban wrote:
Robert Schmidt schrieb:

I have the following two programs in /usr/local/bin:

--- test.btm
echo hello from test.btm

naming a shell script .btm is not a good idea, since .btm files are usually 4NT batch files.

This is exactly what I'm doing. I want to be able to run 4NT batch files from e.g. bash.

Just to make it clear, the above *is* a 4NT batch file - not a shell script. I assumed talking about 4NT would just confuse matters, but here it is:

I've defined a 4NT alias "#!" for "rem", which makes 4NT ignore the interpreter spec. Further, is actually my "4NT interpreter",

FILE=`cygpath -w $1`
/usr/local/bin/4nt/4nt.exe /c "$FILE" $@

Next, any 4NT batch file I want to run from bash should do so if I put this line in it:


And as I said, this works often, and often not at all.

same for .h files.
windows has some internal registry key which extensions are executable.

I'm aware of this, but that has no impact on how cygwin runs executable files (AFAIK).

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/test.btm
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/test.h

does the explicit path help?

No... all files that should be +x, are.

--- test.h

One should not assume that test.btm is executable.

On my setup, I do. I regularly run a "fix permissions" script which gives +x to all *.sh, *.btm, *.pl, etc. under /usr/local/bin (typically after synchronizing with unison, which does not yet propagate permissions).

BTW: I have the same problems, with some php or java wrappers. The first call gives this error message "bad interpreter", the seconds works fine then.

All right - that sounds like the problem I'm trying to describe! It's good to hear that I'm not alone. Any useful info? google gave me 3-year old threads which left me in the dark.

The fact that the error message occurs at rather random times make me suspect a bug in cygwin. I wonder if it can be the same problem as the "PID reuse" problem mentioned in several parallel threads? I don't yet have the guts to start building and patching bash myself - maybe later this week.

Thanks, Rob

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