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Re: Profile not called

At 04:21 AM 10/25/2004, you wrote:

>"Brian Dessent" <> wrote in message">


Please pay attention to this.  We don't want to feed the spammers.

>> Alex Vinokur wrote:
>> > HOME = `c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator'
>> Your home directory has spaces in it.  THat's going to break some
>> things.  See the users guide / FAQ.
>It worked for a long time (more than 2 years).

Then you must be redefining HOME somewhere else and/or otherwise making 
allowances for it.  Brian's suggestion is the simple, reliable, and 
robust way to make this work.  You should consider it.

>> > C:\cygwin\_download\001            /                         system  textmode
>> > C:\cygwin\_download\001/bin        /usr/bin                  system  textmode
>> > C:\cygwin\_download\001/lib        /usr/lib                  system  textmode
>> > C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts  system  binmode
>> > .                                  /cygdrive                 system  textmode,cygdrive
>> Your mounts are messed up.  I don't know what that "_download\001" dir
>> is but I suspect that your / should be c:/cygwin, your /usr/bin should
>> be c:/cygwin/bin and /usr/lib should be c:/cygwin/lib.  Either fix your
>> mounts using "mount" and "umount" commands or rerun setup and point it
>> at c:\cygwin to install.  Most everything is going to be broken until
>> you fix this.
>> Brian
>It also worked for a long time.
>Yesterday I downloaded and installed Cygwin updates. After that I have the problem.
>Before that I had no problem.

I'll take your word for it but I still think you should heed Brian's advice.
Looking at your cygcheck output, one can see that you have Cygwin executables
like 'bash.exe', 'cat.exe', and 'gcc.exe' in 'C:\cygwin\bin\', to name a few.
This is in direct conflict with your mounts.  From your mounts, I'm led to 
conclude that you installed Cygwin into the directory you downloaded Cygwin
to, which has historically caused problems.  It's clear that at least at some
point in the past, you also installed Cygwin into 'C:\cygwin\bin\'.  So I'd
recommend looking at this conflict and getting it resolved.  Brian's 
suggestion may be all that's necessary to set this straight.

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