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Re: Setting Enviroment Variables

Yeah Dave that would great thanks..

I mean I am quite happy now that I know what cygwin is and is all
about; and I am quite happy to have  the added bonus of a fully
functional Linux type shell on top of my Win XP Pro install.

Having cygwin gives me the bonus of having that linux - shell in WinXP
and all the tools that I installed along with it, [which is more-or
less an entire linux os really apart from the servers].

And it does seem to be running ok, I get no errors on starting cygwin,
and the ones I do get are from starting x-windows, and from what I can
gather, are not to be worried about, at least according to the docs
available at the site, and the users guide.

Mind you having said that, doing a, "startx -windowmaker" or, "startx
-fvwm2" or again something like, "XWin.exe -windowmaker" or similar,
brings erros and doesn't work as expected..

So I basicaly need to just set it up ok, get all my enviroment
variables setup right, get a mail client sorted  + mail agent, so I
can send and retrieve mail through cygwin as well XP.

Then I can start to teach myself how to use the shell properly, which
is what I wanted out cygwin.

So any help in setting it up is greatly appreciated...

Again thanks in advance...


On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 16:31:58 -0400, J. David Boyd <> wrote:
> Nemes <> writes:
> >
> > Can anyone help with any of the above queries ???
> >
> > Thanks in advance to all those with the patience to compose a reply....
> >
> > Nemes
> If no one has replied to this before I get to my work machine, where I have
> been running Cygwin for years, I can send you a reply, and show you what my
> .profile and .bashrc are set to, as well as some of my aliases.
> Quickly though:
> The two environment variable settings in XP are ones that are global, for all
> users, and user specific.
> If you have installed software that everyone that logs on to that machine can
> use, you set the environment in the global section.
> Conversely, if software has been installed that only one can use, you set the
> environment in the specific user section.
> Anything you have set in the XP environments (global or user) will be
> inherited when you start Cygwin.
> You can set environment va
riables in the cygwin.bat file, or you can put them
> in .profile or .bashrc.
> Sometimes, there are some funny rules about the system reading .profile and
> .bashrc, but for the most part, I set almost all of my environment in .bashrc,
> and I don't have any problems.
> Dave
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