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Issues with read and loop in bash

Hello @all, 

I`m new to this group, so please apologize if my posting does not conform to
formal restrictions. ;-)

In addition, my english is quite poor, so please apologize this too. ;-)

Well, I have following problem. I searched this already in the gmane-database
for this newsgroup, but didn`t find an appropriate answer. (possible bad

I wrote a shell script using bash at Suse 9.1.
This shell script includes following section:
while read lines 

       while read lines_2 
	        if ([ $lines = $lines_2 ]) then    # this is line 63
           done < $3/only_hashes_right.log
     if ([ $check = FALSE ]) then
        echo $lines >> $3/singles_only_hashes.log
   done < $3/only_hashes_left.log

The logfiles just have hashes (of pdf-files) inside, created by md5sum.
Each of the 2 logfiles have some thousand of these hashes, one per line.
In the outer loop each hash is read from the first logfile and will be compared 
with each hash in the second logfile using the inner loop. If a "Partner" is
found, the inner loop breaks. If no Partner is found, this hash is printed in a
third logfile called singles_only_hashes.log, as you can see above.
I`m not sure if the check-variable is necessary, though.
With Suse this section and the whole script works properly, but not with bash
under cygwin with Windows XP. It creates following error message:

line 63: [: too many arguments

and this a thousand of times. I marked the corresponding line in the script
above. I also used as "shebang" this: #!/bin/bash instead of #!/bin/sh, 
but this didn`t solve the problem.

Could anybody point me to the right direction?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards, 

Axel Dreher

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