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Re: Cygwin finally croaked

At 06:02 PM 10/24/2004, you wrote:
>"Larry Hall" <xxx@xx.xx> wrote in message 



>Ok I'll try to be a little clearer.  Recently when I double-click on the Cygwin icon on my Windows 2000 SP3 desktop the Cygwin console will come up then immediately disappear.  If I double-click it again it comes up and stays and I can do stuff with it.  Like whois which is all I ever do with it.

Wow, you have allot of Cygwin stuff installed considering that you only
want to use 'whois'.  That's not a problem though.  I was just 
surprised to see the *long* list of packages given this statement.

>After the whois I am noticing that the console stops receiving keyboard input.  I click the title bar minimize other open windows and it starts to receive keyboard input again.  And I can do ctrl-D which is what I want to do after whois.  Namely I want to logout.  This is the ONLY application I have installed in Windows 2000 that does this.  The ONLY one.
>If you need any more information other than what I provided that you think might help to trouble-shoot this issue please let me know what you suggest or need?  Thanks.

I guess I need to see your 'cygwin.bat' contents and your invocation of 
'whois'.  So far, I see nothing wrong and I cannot reproduce your problems
on this end.

Larry Hall                    
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