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Setting Enviroment Variables

I have been looking through the cygwin users guide and some of the
other documentation that comes with it or is gett-able via the site,
looking for stuff on setting up a new install of cygwin.

I came across the enviroment variables part in the users manual, but
it isn't exactly typed out with a begginer or novice in mind.,

For a start even when talking about those enviroment variables, it
doesn't say whether they are variables to set within the windows OS or
whether they are to be set somewhere in a file under the cygwin tree
under the cygwin root dir...

I am aware that there is access to setting such variables at 
WinXp/Start/Control Panel/ System/Adanced/Enviroment Variables..

But once you get there, there are two areas with which to set variables up in...
one is .. User Variables for "user"....
one is .. System Variables....

Also the user manual talks about those envirment variables along with
the cygwin.bat file.

Am I to setup any enviroment variables in this .bat file??

The guide talks about,  "HOME, PATH, CYGWIN, LD_LIBRARY_PATH" as
variables best to be set, but it leaves no clue as to were we set

My cygwin.bat file current has this in it...

@echo off

chdir D:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -i

And that is all that is in it.. should I be placing some lines of code
in it for setting the variables???

Also while talking about BASH, there is a line that states this...

Similarly you can set the working directory inside the "Program" tab.
The entry "%HOME%" is valid.

I would like to no hat that means in regards to were am I supposed to
set this, "HOME" variable up at.....

The user guide said, "Quick start guide for those more experienced
with Windows" and that is what I took, alas it isn't composed with the
begginer in mind at all, it leaves allot left out that somebody like
myself finds daunting to even contemplate....

I mean I have the basic system up and running, and I am only going to
be using it to teach myself some linux type shell work, and get used
to working with a shell..

But it would be nice to have a REAL begginers guide :)

With regards to the setting up of bash, the user guide states this....

They are .profile, .bashrc and .inputrc. These initialization files
will only be read if HOME is defined before starting bash.

Well I do have all of thosewith the exception of .profile... am also
wondering what nshould I be putting in those files???

I did try to setup, "pine"  and although I manged to set a few things
up, it didn't work, probably down to my mail sending and retrieving
agents not being setup no doubts...

Can anyone help with any of the above queries ???

Thanks in advance to all those with the patience to compose a reply....


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