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Re: Cygwin SWIG package - who is using it, and for what?

Max Bowsher schrieb:
Reini Urban wrote:
Max Bowsher schrieb:

I took over as packager of SWIG for Cygwin a while ago, and am now
getting ready to produce a new package.

SWIG seems to make incompatible changes with depressing frequency, so
decisions on when to package a new version need to be made with much
greater deliberation then other packages - to that end, I'd to get an
idea of how much the current swig package is being used, and for what.

libming: for python and tcl
         not yet swig'ified (manual updates): java, php, perl, ruby.

Ok, I had a look at the source (though the tarball that I looked at seemed somewhat broken in the build system).

This swig binding seems to be just one module - rather than a set of interacting modules. It is the support for multiple interacting modules which is in turmoil, so I'm hoping ming will work fine with more recent swig.

it's essential and very good to have for python at least. the success of pythin led to tcl support also.

Do you have a cygwin package of ming that I could test a proposed new cygwin swig package against?

I have this package, but the its ltmain is broken, and I didn't find an easy fix yet. I can only compile the dll manually.

And there is still development done with the parser, so I waited.

Reini Urban

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