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unable to edit/less dotted files, etc.

Hi folks,

I'm running v1.3 of Cygwin on Win2k on a laptop. My machine dual-boots Win98 and Win2k, and my Win2k drive is G. Cygwin installed smoothly under Win2k.

My problem is that dotted files like .bashrc have become inaccessible with programs like vi and less. I didn't have a problem immediately after the initial install, only later. I can list them with ls -al, but "vi .bashrc" opens up a new file, and less returns "No such file or directory". The files are accessible under Win2k, and do not appear corrupted.

A complete uninstall and reinstall fixed it for a while, but now the problem is back.

Also, I now notice that other files - filenames that don't conform to DOS 8.3 format - also are listable but not editable. I have a source file "main.cas", which I can edit. I cp'd it to "main_inst.cas", which is listable with ls. But when I try to vi it, I get a new file. mv'ing it to maininst.cas renders it editable.



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