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setup hangs at 99%, then crashes

I am attempting to setup cygwin using setup.exe v.2.427 on Windows XP.
I am doing a full install from a local directory. When the
installation has reached 99%, setup hangs and will later crash, if
given enough time.

There are several discussions about setup failing in the post-install
phase (such as problems running a shell script), but my problem seems
to be occuring at the very end of the installation phase (the progress
page shows "installing _update-info-dir-00230-1...").

If you let it sit there long enough (e.g. overnight), eventually
windows begins to report that it is allocating more virtual memory,
and some time after that setup will crash ("setup.exe has asked
windows to terminate in an unusual way").

My XP installation is rather fresh (about a month old), and I have not
had cygwin installed before. However, I have had cygwin installed on
this machine running Windows 2000. I am installing to the default root
(c:\cygwin) from c:\tmp\cygwin.

I have tried the install three times, but it consistently fails. Note
that I have made sure to clean up after the previous bad install (wipe
out the directory structure).

After an almost-complete installation, I have just under 1G of free
disk space. That is to say, I started with about 2G of space.
Therefore I would rule out insufficient disk space.

One note, my XP username has a space in it. I read in the FAQ that
this will cause problems, but I suspect it would be a different set of
problems that I have yet to encounter.


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