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Re: Distributing Cygwin-based software

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Soeren Nils Kuklau wrote:

[ sha1 call doesn't link ]

Try linking it with -lcrypto? ;-) I'm surprised it works on OS/X, though.

LDFLAGS = -lpthread -lcrypto

We do. ;-)

This is *not* the right list for discussing how to subvert the existing

Cygwin installations on users' machines by distributing your own copy of
cygwin1.dll (though this *has* been discussed in the past - search the
list archives).

Okay, but what /would/ be the right place? Since I don't think people will be willing to install Cygwin just for being able to use a single other piece of software...

Think Gtk for Windows programs (such as Gaim): they come with the proper frameworks included, so the user won't have to worry about that.

Cygwin is an emulation layer. The Cygwin distribution contains a set of
packages that use this emulation layer.

Exactly - but where to discuss projects that use the emulation layer and aren't part of the distribution (thought they might eventually be)?

At the same time, however, we do not want Windows-based users to feel
forced into Cygwin's behaviours. We want to distribute a Windows
application - GPL'd, with some Unix-style quirks, and compatible to the
other major OS'es out there, but Windows nevertheless.

So maybe the MinGW project is more like what you're looking for, then.

Indeed; we're looking into it.

Those who truly want a full Unix experience wouldn't use Windows in the
first place, and thus not Cygwin either.

This is not true at all (to put it mildly).  Those who want POSIX behavior
on Windows *will* (and *do*) use Cygwin.  But this particular point is
better <>ed.

Right, but I wouldn't define "POSIX behaviour" as "full Unix experience" ;-)

But yes, that's OT.

Thanks for the responses,

Soeren 'Chucker' Kuklau

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