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Re: Distributing Cygwin-based software

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004, Soeren Nils Kuklau wrote:

> > sha1sum.exe?
> Calling an external tool for generating password hashes seems awkward.
> We do have openssl-devel installed, and the `sha.h' header file looks
> identical to the one we're used to (from OS X), so we're unsure why this
> bug is occurring. Since I haven't found any info on this on the 'net,
> I'll have to assume the mistake is somewhere in our code :-)

Try linking it with -lcrypto? ;-)  I'm surprised it works on OS/X, though.

> Before we've fixed that, however, we can obviously not release a Windows
> (Cygwin) binary.
> As to the comments about this thread being on the wrong mailing list:
> 1) I don't want to be a bother - if a list moderator wants this
> discussion to stop, I'll stop, and I hereby apologize for any trouble
> I've apparently caused.

This is the right mailing list for discussing, say, problems building
something on Cygwin (if you think it's Cygwin's fault or some idiosyncracy
of Cygwin).

This is *not* the right list for discussing how to subvert the existing
Cygwin installations on users' machines by distributing your own copy of
cygwin1.dll (though this *has* been discussed in the past - search the
list archives).  If you're careful, you might even pull it off.

> 2) I personally believe that Cygwin is primarily an environment, and not
> a distribution.

Cygwin is an emulation layer.  The Cygwin distribution contains a set of
packages that use this emulation layer.

> We do use Cygwin to build our project, because Cygwin feels less "alien"
> from our point of view.

That's one of the goals of Cygwin - to make porting Unix applications to
Windows easier.

> At the same time, however, we do not want Windows-based users to feel
> forced into Cygwin's behaviours.  We want to distribute a Windows
> application - GPL'd, with some Unix-style quirks, and compatible to the
> other major OS'es out there, but Windows nevertheless.

So maybe the MinGW project is more like what you're looking for, then.

> Those who truly want a full Unix experience wouldn't use Windows in the
> first place, and thus not Cygwin either.

This is not true at all (to put it mildly).  Those who want POSIX behavior
on Windows *will* (and *do*) use Cygwin.  But this particular point is
better <>ed.
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