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Top 10 Reasons Republicans Support Kerry

Republican Bill Shireman's Top 10 Reasons Republicans Support John Kerry

I'm a lifelong Republican, though I vote for the best candidate - or the
least objectionable one.  Four years ago, I hoped George Bush would be a
moderate, fiscally conservative leader, firm but thoughtful.  I have
been repeatedly disappointed.  My top 10 reasons for opposing George
Bush, and supporting John Kerry, are:

1. Stubborn is not Strong.   
2. You can't promote the Bill of Rights by violating it.  
3. You can't advance democracy by imposing it by force. 
4. Brave and Free, not fearful and insecure, are the qualities great
presidents inspire 
5. 30,000 deaths do not avenge the murder of 3,000 
6. Killing terrorists requires precise aim. 
7. You cannot protect 300 million rich by frightening 3 billion poor. 
8. In the military, Smart is as important as Strong 
9. Those who seek liberty through security lose both. Security is the
result, not the cause, of liberty. 
10. The "Last Resort" should be the last resort.

Some say Kerry and Bush are equally unacceptable.  That is a convenient
illusion.  Kerry has been an able, smart, capable, thoughtful
legislator.  He has demonstrated his heroism by placing his body in the
line of fire, to protect his men.  John Kerry will be a worthy resident
of the house Lincoln and Roosevelt once occupied.  

America is a great nation.  We need a fresh opportunity to demonstrate
that to the world.  I hope you will join me by committing your dollars
and sense to a cause to which many have devoted their lives.  

Join with me at:

A Republican I admire very much, former Congressman Pete McCloskey, says
it much better than I, at this site:

And two websites that help provide an alternative to the negative,
divisive politics of the right and left:  (Radical Middle website) (Integral Politics website)

Best wishes,

Bill Shireman

(Personal views of Bill Shireman, not representative of the views of
Future 500 companies, board members, or affiliates)


  Bill Shireman
  President and CEO
  The Future 500
  415 Jackson St, 2nd Fl.
  San Francisco, CA  94110
  (415) 364-3839

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