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Re: Updated: gmp-4.1.4-1

--- Lapo Luchini <> wrote:

> gmp-4.1.4-1 has been uploaded to the Cygwin net distribution.
> Thanks go to Gerrit, who did *all* the work on this release.
> Please notice gmp-4.1.3 had a serious miscomputation bug, upgrade to
> gmp-4.1.4 is strongly suggested.

Could it possible to get a version of gmp compiled with --enable-mpfr
... or even better libmpfr 2.0.3 compiled and packaged seperately,
though it has a requirement to be built along with libgmp (The two
projects teams have split, gmp 4.x is distributed with the two year old
mpfr 2.0.1.  The next major release of gmp will not include mpfr at

I have compiled and installed it on my own without difficulty.  

My main reason for requesting this is that GFortran 95, which will come
with upcoming GCC 4.0, requires libmpfr to build.  Furthermore, the
main GCC developers have been receptive to the proposal that all of GCC
4.1 be modified to use libmpfr for its internal math optimiziations
instead of its homegrown routines.

Kelley Cook

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