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Re: tcsh and chere-0.3-1

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Dave wrote:

> --- Andrew Grimm <agrimm@XXXXXXX.XXX.XXXXXXXX.XXX> wrote:

<>.  Thanks.

> > Igor Pechtchanski said:
> > > > Does anyone know of a way to get a `-` at the start of $0? I believe
> > > > this will force all the shells to start as login shells and is the
> > > > most generic solution.
> > >
> > > Sure.  'bash -c "exec -l $PROG $ARGS"'. :-)
> >
> > Ya beat me to it :)  Although, in the current design, this would make
> > a bash shell call a login shell call a normal shell (for the cd) which
> > is a bit of a quoting nightmare.

Not necessarily.  Have bash set the variable and 'exec' the shell -- and
then rely on the startup script to do the 'cd'...

> > You could make a support script (/bin/shere) that did somehting like
> > this:
> Thanks guys. My brains been turned to slush reading all the different
> shell man pages (as you may have figured from my last few emails).
> It turns out that on windows 2k, if you remove the cd $HOME from the
> appropriate login script, you can just `/bin/tcsh -l`. Since 2k puts you
> in the appropriate path anyway.
> Nice. It even works with network paths.
> Can anyone confirm this works on 9x, NT and XP?
> If it does work on all platforms, it's my preferred route. It'll still
> need:
> an env var for the startup scripts to check
> a shell script (which may be chere) to set the variable
> And will mean you have a spare sh for every term opened in this manner.

Umm, as I said above, you can set the variable in the bash command, and
use 'exec -l' to spawn the shell.  As long as the startup scripts have to
recognize the variable anyway, they might as well do the 'cd'... :-)


> Dave.
> i.e. comment out the cd $HOME line, run something like:
> regtool set /HKLM/Directory/shell/cygwin_tcsh/command/ "c:\cygwin\bin\rxvt -e /bin/tcsh -l"
> Or just edit your registry and give the menu a spin.

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