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[OT] RE: vim problem with my install, y?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Danilo Turina 
> Sent: 15 October 2004 14:36

> Dave Korn wrote:
> > [  Danilo, you only mailed this to me, but I think it 
> should go to the list
> > so the information can be archived, and since it's most 
> likely that was what
> > you meant and it was only an accident ("Reply" instead of 
> "Reply all"?),
> > I've Cc'd it back in.  ]
> I don't know exactly which is the problem (maybe the fact 
> that I'm using 
> gmane to access the list?), anyway looking at the list 
> archives it seems 
> that my previous message has been received by the list.
> Ciao,
> 		Danilo

  Ah, that'll be it.  Kinda OT now, but enough people read this list through
gmane to make it worth explaining: since you were replying to a new posting,
your reply went by both mail and nntp, with both a To: header and a
Newsgroups: header.  The mailed copy arrived at my inbox, and because it's
mail and outlook doesn't show full headers I didn't see the newsgroups
header.  Then when a copy did arrive (via gmane to the mailing list and then
on to me), it was dropped because I already had one matching that Msg-ID, so
I didn't see any copy with the list address in its headers.  Mystery solved.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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