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Re: Setup failure: mount error

Dave Korn replied to:

Basically, that worked.  It appears that Cygwin made some change that
persisted even after deleting all the Cygwin files and registry entries.

  ?!?!?!?  This seems highly improbable.  What else _could_ there be?  Maybe
something different in the environment vars between the two machines was
causing it?  Maybe some different software that was installed on the failing
machine was causing dll hell or something?

  Ever heard of InCtrl5?  Dead useful app, see if you can find a download of
it on the web somewhere.  Could be very useful if a situation like this ever
arises again: it takes a snapshot of your entire system (files and
registry), then you run an installer, then you run InCtrl5 again and it
takes another snapshot and compares the two, so you can see exactly all the
changes that an installer has made to your system.

cheers, DaveK

All this happened on a PC with no OS installed until I installed W2K. The purpose was to test Cygwin.

So the very next thing (the only thing) I did was (try to) install

But thinking about it last night, there was one other difference: I
created a file c:\cyg.bat that simply set PATH to include the directory
where I keep various helper Cygwin scripts (like the .bat to drive the
install via setup).

Perhaps that somehow got run by setup or by one of the post-install
scripts instead of some (internal) Cygwin command called "cyg"?

I can test both theories by trying to reproduce the problem.


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