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Re: tcsh and chere-0.3-1

--- Andrew Grimm <> wrote:
> Igor Pechtchanski said:
> > > Does anyone know of a way to get a `-` at the start of $0? I believe
> > > this will force all the shells to start as login shells and is the
> > > most generic solution.
> >
> > Sure.  'bash -c "exec -l $PROG $ARGS"'. :-)
> Ya beat me to it :)  Although, in the current design, this would make a
> bash shell call a login shell call a normal shell (for the cd) which is a
> bit of a quoting nightmare.
> You could make a support script (/bin/shere) that did somehting like this:

Thanks guys. My brains been turned to slush reading all the different shell man
pages (as you may have figured from my last few emails).

It turns out that on windows 2k, if you remove the cd $HOME from the appropriate
login script, you can just `/bin/tcsh -l`. Since 2k puts you in the appropriate
path anyway.

Nice. It even works with network paths.

Can anyone confirm this works on 9x, NT and XP?

If it does work on all platforms, it's my preferred route. It'll still need:
an env var for the startup scripts to check
a shell script (which may be chere) to set the variable

And will mean you have a spare sh for every term opened in this manner.


i.e. comment out the cd $HOME line, run something like:
regtool set /HKLM/Directory/shell/cygwin_tcsh/command/ "c:\cygwin\bin\rxvt -e
/bin/tcsh -l"

Or just edit your registry
and give the menu a spin.

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