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Re: Problems installing PRC-TOOLS

The specific problem seemed more related to the cygwin install app rather than the individual packages, hence my question on this mailing list. I will go ahead and try to find out more information elsewhere.

Thanks for the response.

> On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 04:27:37PM +0000, wrote:
> >I've recently been trying to get started with Palm development but got
> >stuck fairly early on :) The problem I am encountering is that of
> >donwloading and installing the prc-tools package as described in the
> >install document on  I keep getting: Download Incomplete
> >error message for the prc-tools packages.  More specifically:
> >
> >1. I choose as a download site
> >2. Choose the prc-tools packages and 'install'
> >3. The error (Download Incomplete) shows up. Note that it appears to
> >   be reading a few packages before this error is displayed.
> >
> >I've tried de-selecting one or more of the prc-tools packages but still
> >get the same error.  Note that it does not happen with the other
> >packages.  Initially, I downloaded and installed only the default
> >cygwin package and it worked without problems.
> >
> >Any help greatly appreciated.
> prc-tools is not a cygwin package.  You are getting your instructions
> about installing from another site entirely.  Surely there is a mailing
> list devoted to prc-tools which would be able to field questions about
> their package.
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