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Distributing Cygwin-based software


we're working on a cross-platform server daemon, and on the Windows side, we have chosen to use Cygwin for POSIX compatibility reasons. We have run into several issues on the way:

1) We've looked at `cygrunsrv', and it appears to be a convenient tool for setting our daemon up as an NT service. For people that do not have Cygwin installed, can we just distribute `cygrunsrv' as stand-alone tool to go inside our daemon's working directory?

2) Similarly, what about distributing `cygwin1.dll' - I am aware of the "dllpath hell" problem this causes; what is the preferred option here?

3) Cross-posting from the other mail: I also found rather little documentation on `cygrunsrv'. The bundled README file comprehensively lists possible arguments, but appears to assume that the daemon to be run is inside the Cygwin root directory (such as C:\Cygwin), whereas we believe it would make more sense to distribute our package for installation inside Windows' Program Files folder. Does `cygrunsrv' understand Windows-like paths, or can we rely on a `/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/'-like path structure?

4) Finally, a coding issue: We use SHA1 hashing for passwords. During linking, we get:

obj/alstring.o(.text+0x316):alstring.c: undefined reference to `_SHA1'

LDFLAGS are: -lpthread -lcrypto

Are we missing a specific Cygwin package?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Soeren 'Chucker' Kuklau

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