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Re: Setup failure: mount error

luke wrote:
I'll let people know how I get on. Plan: first the FS check, then I'll try installing a stable known to work Cygwin, then I'll scrub and reinstall W2K, then I'll give up and try another PC.

Well, since I know the MD5 checksums are correct on both our local
stable Cygwin mirror, known to work, and on the nightly mirrored
"latest" mirror, and since these mirrors work on other PCs, it starts to
look like the problem is specific to this PC.

In other words, it appears to have nothing to do with having run "mount"
from a network install of Cygwin.  (Since all files created by Cygwin
and all registry entries were deleted, Cygwin stores no other
information on the system, and yet the problem persisted.)

I have scrubbed Windows, reformatted the drives, and am re-installing W2K now. I fully expect this to fail as well.

In which case I'll just pick a different PC that Cygwin can be installed
on, and go back to testing what I was originally trying to test!

Basically, that worked. It appears that Cygwin made some change that persisted even after deleting all the Cygwin files and registry entries.

Our stable mirror is from some months ago - I got the error in the
postinstall about some missing cygwin gtk dll, but installation
completed okay, and re-running setup seemed to complete quickly (apart
from re-installing gcc, as it always does i've noticed).

The *only* thing I did different was save downloaded files to
c:\temp\cygwin instead of to d:\temp; and I didn't try running "mount"
from a network Cygwin either.  (Though I really don't think that was the
cause: too many Cygwin deletes, registry Cygwin deletes, and reboots in
between - how could the effect possibly have persisted?)


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