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RE: non-interactive cygwin setup

> >I thought if a GUI app called printf it generally caused a 
> console to 
> >be opened for it.  Maybe that's only with msvcrt.  In any case, the 
> >fact is that it is being run from a cmdline and so it certainly can 
> >communicate with the console.  The presence of command-line 
> options in 
> >argc/argv could be taken as a fairly strong hint that it was 
> being run 
> >from a shell rather than an icon.  And there's always 
> "isatty (1)" if 
> >you really really want to be sure.
> This is a windows limitation.  GUI apps (apps created with 
> -mwindows) can't send output to or receive input from the 
> console.  Of course, a GUI can interpret command line 
> information.  It just cannot send output to the console that 
> started it.
> You could use AllocConsole to create a separate console which 
> the GUI could then use, however.

Here's a maybe-less-icky way to do it.  Have two exes, one "setup.exe" which
is a 100% command-line program that normally just spawns "winsetup.exe", the
current GUI setup, and goes away.  Give it "--help", and it prints help in
the regular command-line way and exits.  Yeah, two exes, but worse tragedies
have happened.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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