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Re: tcsh and chere-0.3-1

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 03:58:02PM -0600, Andrew Grimm wrote:
>The new (very cool!) chere package doesn't work with tcsh, at least on my
>system.  The problem is that "tcsh -l" doesn't work with any additional
>arguments.  There is even a comment to that effect in the script:
>tcsh )
>        # Apparently -l only applies if it is the only argument
>        # so this may not work
>        SHELL_EXE="/bin/tcsh.exe"
>        SHELL_CMD="-l -c \\\"cd '%L'; exec $SHELL_EXE\\\""
>If I run this, the tcsh immediately bombs out, closing the shell window,
>because tcsh exits when it sees the additional arguments.
>There may not be a perfect solution because tcsh won't work with the
>code pattern used for the other shells.  If you make the exec'd shell a
>login shell it cd's to your home directory which defeats the purpose of
>the package.  This hack works for me, it doesn't create a real login
>shell but it fakes one fairly well:

Actually, All shells which support -l seem to cd to the home directory.
I'm not sure what the -l adds to the above since the above code just calls
the shell again after cd'ing to the directory.

It almost seems like you could just use to invoke the real shell in all
cases.  That would be faster.


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